Artist, illustrator, designer, photographer.

In 1999, I embarked on my journey in the creative industry, and I have been consistently creating ever since.

Over the past two decades, my illustrations have been nominated for various awards, including GAA and Spectrum. I have also held numerous exhibitions and published works both nationally and internationally, leading to a high level of client satisfaction and retention with Angel Illustrations.

Whether it’s a personalized portrait or a complete rebranding of a business, Angel Illustrations has proved to be a reliable creative source, consistently demonstrating a genuine passion and dedication for crafting imaginative solutions to design needs.

I have extensive experience as the main product photographer for various brands, small limited companies, and independent shops. In addition, I have assisted with the launch of several products by creating advertising materials, designing logos, producing promotional videos, developing labels, and creating POS displays. I have also designed book jackets and CD covers for projects of all sizes.

No matter your design requirements, I am eager to assist you in achieving the next level.